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Workout with Fit Ball

Burner XXX

Burner XXX.png

Charge up your athletic efforts and curb your appetite with a concentrated dose of amino acids and multivitamins formulated to give you a natural boost to help you reach your goals. Both optimizing nutrient levels needed for metabolism and providing a supplemental boost of hydration, Burner XXX is a winning choice to add to your workout and meal plan for an added boost to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Is This for Me? 

For the Mind:  The Burner XXX infusion is suitable for professional and amateur athletes, as well as a part of a pre-boost or post-recovery regimen. Many times, achieving our fitness goals relies on the mind. Skip the pre-workout and the associated jitters and restore the micronutrients that the body naturally uses.

For the Body: This blend of amino acids and multivitamins works to decrease inflammation, support muscle maintenance and repair, and enhance endurance and recovery time. With 100% micronutrient bioavailability to your muscles, this infusion is a great option for activity that requires muscle endurance and recovery. 

What’s Inside my Infusion? 

Mini Bag of IV Fluids (Normal Saline, 500ml), MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) + Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Taurine 

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